A photograph is life expressed and secured infinitely. Nature in transitory times, a transcendent image,or  a spirited look…these are all part of the wonders of photography. A photograph instills, where words cannot, an insight into the enigma of life itself.  

The remoteness of a common theme, the politics of a downtown area,

the sentiments between a mother and her children, the calmness

         in the curiosity of those gently gliding along…photos capture moods and emotions when words cannot.  Above all, a photograph is something anyone can generate. There are as many approaches to photography as there are photographers. 

We each imagine how the perfection of our pictures will allow us to  interpret the world in our own way.  Pictures are a symbol of our desires.

For those of us, like myself, who have the master know-how in the use of camera phones, we are still as much the photographer as those who have the expertise in professional equipment, such as my friend, Linette. This site is ultimately committed to acknowledging her professionalism and her long hours of work in the editing room; but, from time to time, my expressions in ‘art’ will find a way to sneak themselves in.  I assure you, it will not be a very difficult task to judge for yourself my work against hers; but for whatever reason, if you have difficulty, just click here to see what I have easily stolen from her.

I would like to express a tremendous gratitute to Linette for her time and commitment to me as well.  And in saying this, I would like to share with you some of the most illustrative, colorful, and expressive photos I have ever seen.

Thank you for checking in.